Art direction, Illustration, design

Projects Playstation Store Home of the Players,
Playstation Plus Remote Play King of Convenience, Playstation Plus Spotlight Series, Playstation Playlink, Playstation VR, Playstation Alienation

Home of the Players

Based on the concept that Playstation Plus is the home of the players, shareable content were created to showcase an illustrative direction through fan art. In partnership with the most loved games and through a Playstation brand lens to create illustration content to share across their social channels. This process involved understanding each game’s most recognisable and relevant visuals to bring to life with Playstation’s iconic brand colour blue and Playstation Plus’ pop of yellow. The copy on the visual assets strengthens the brand message to celebrate the online community and how the communities adapt to their favourite games across strategies, their passion and team work.

Playstation Plus Remote Play King of Convenience Playstation Playlink Playstation remote play